Immersive RV


‘Uncover Your Creator’ iPad Quiz

To being the experience, guests took a buzzfeed-style ‘Uncover Your Creator’ quiz. The quiz included questions about favorite players, playing style, personality type; as well as marketing surveys. The results of this quiz weren’t revealed to player immediately, and instead were relayed to the RV’s media controller to cue playback of the appropriate content and to the brand ambassador who gets trial shoes and apparel ready!

Locker Room Experience

Guests are then invited (by first name, too!) into the RV and the brand ambassador triggers a LED light show built into the lockers…revealing to the guest which silo they are part of. As soon as it’s been revealed, the brand ambassador presents the guests with shoes and apparel to try on!

The Tunnel

Guests are then guided into the tunnel where they’re presented with a synchronized AV experience featuring 6 video displays, 50 feet of LED lighting, and 1 incredible sound system. The content played back showcases to guests what it means to be a part of that ‘club’.

Boomerang Photo Op

And lastly, the player ends their experience by taking a “boomerang” that is emailed directly to the email address provided on the iPad survey!