Past Events

Storytelling in VR

Angela Haddad, One Third Blue

Angela Haddad is Founder and Creative Director of One Third Blue, a Virtual Reality art studio animating and producing hand-illustrated VR art experiences for fashion brands and magazines, such as Marie Claire. As a VR artist, Angela frequently creates One Third Blue productions live at Virtual Reality showcases, often recorded in Mixed Reality.

Angela is additionally VR Producer for SilVR Thread, a VR startup specializing in first-person POV Virtual Reality technology. With its patent-pending camera systems, SilVR Thread is pioneering POV VR to create learning and marketing experiences that trigger more visceral and compelling reactions and memories than conventional VR. Angela has co-produced VR experiences for Lionsgate’s movie ‘Nerve’, recreating three infamous stunts from the feature film, thus allowing movie fans to experience transformative first-person POV of Emma Roberts & Dave Franco’s bodies via mobile VR headsets.

Angela was chosen by Oculus for its Launchpad fellowship, was a judge and speaker at LA Hacks, as well as a speaker at VRLA. She has been featured at SXSW, VRScout, WGSN, Mettle’s Blog, and various other press and media sources. In addition, Angela has co-authored an op-ed in IEEE’s Consumer Electronics magazine.